ETIKONOMI. The International Journal published by Faculty of Economic and Business State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. This journal focused on Economics, Business and Management studies. The Journal is published twice a year. The aim of the journal is to disseminate the Economics, Business and Management researches done by researchers both from Indonesian and overseas. The language used in Etikonomi since 2016 is English

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Vol 17, No 1 (2018)

All articles in this issue (12 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 28 authors from 5 countries (Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Algeria).

Table of Contents


Determinants of Inflation in the Local Economy PDF
Jaka Sriyana 1-10
Austerity in Time of Crisis: A Solution or a Dangerous Idea? Evidence from Algeria PDF
Hadjer Boulila, Mohamed Benbouziane 11-24
The Effect of Democratic Zoning System on Nigeria Economy: Evidence of Niger State PDF
Musa Abdullahi Sakanko, Joseph David 25-36
Foreign Direct Investment or External Debt and Domestic Saving: Which has Greater Impact on Growth PDF
Horas Djulius 37-44
Financial Leverage and Firms’ Performance: Empirical Investigation of KSE-100 Index PDF
Farhan Ahmed, Iqra Awais, Muhammad Kashif 45-56
Bankruptcy Prediction Models and Stock Prices of the Coal Mining Industry in Indonesia PDF
Ghazali Syamni, M. Shabri Abdul Majid, Widyanana Verawaty Siregar 57-68
Designing Model and Strategy for Strenghthening The Competitiveness of Small Medium Enterprises PDF
D. Darwanto, Purbayu Budi Santosa, Nenik Woyanti, B. Bambang 69-92
The Determinants of Tax Compliance in Tax Amnesty Programs: Experimental Approach PDF
Puri Mahestyanti, Bambang Juanda, Lukytawati Anggraeni 93-110
The Comparison of Soundness Level of Islamic Banks in Indonesia and Malaysia PDF
Muhamad Nadratuzaman Hosen, Syafaat Muhari 111-122
Spiritual Values and Spiritual Practices: Interactive Effects on Leadership Effectiveness PDF
Zakiyulfikri Ali, Muhammad Zaky 123-134
Information Content of Analysts' Report: A Literature Survey PDF
Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker, Azhar Mohamad, Nazrol Kamil Mustaffa Kamil, Jarita Duasa 135-152
National Health Insurance, Profitability, and Service Quality: Case Study at the Private Hospital in West Java PDF
Andriyani Rahmah Fahriati 153-160
Front Matter Vol. 17 (1), 2018 PDF
Jurnal Etikonomi
Back Matter Vol. 17 (1), 2018 PDF
Jurnal Etikonomi
Cover Vol. 17 (1), 2018 PDF
Jurnal Etikonomi

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