A Learner’s Self-Regulated Learning in Writing

Hapsari Dwi Kartika


The purpose of this study was to analyze  Self-Regulated Learning (SLR) upon the process of  writing task.  The Motivated and Learning Strategies Questionnaire (MLSQ) developed by Pintrich was used to generate the participant's cognitive and metacognitive activity.  Data were collected from the participant’s journal written during her task performance and from her scores from three essay assignments in Psychology and Instruction subject. The result indicated an improvement in the participant’s writing performance, such as recalling previous knowledge and reviewing her writing. It showed that the participant’s marks among the three assignments significantly increased. The result also indicated participant’s difficulties and strength in her writing. However, The study further suggested time expansion to obtain a more comprehensive SLR performance, such as motivational and emotional aspects.



self-regulated learning; writing task; graduate student

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DOI: 10.15408/ijee.v2i2.3085


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