Journal History

Applied Information System and Management (AISM) is a peer-reviewed journal managed and published by Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah in collaboration with Forum Komunikasi Pengelola Jurnal Ilmiah Indonesia (Forkom PJII). This journal published May 2018, with ISSN (Electronic): 2621-2544 and ISSN (Print): 2621-2536. Since first volume, the journal had been published online at The following is the historical milestones of AISM.

  • Since volume 2 2019, the board of editors have decided to improve the articles quality and make changes the number of published articles from 10 to 8 articles per issue and adding more reputable reviewers.
  • On 27 December 2021, AISM has been accredited by National Journal Accreditation (Akreditasi Jurnal Nasional-ARJUNA) on third rank of the six accreditation rank (Sinta 3) by Ministry of Education and  Culture of the Republic of Indonesia according to Decree No. 164/E/KPT/2021. This accreditation status has been valid for 5 (five) years, starting Vol. 2, No. 2 (2019) to Vol. 7, No. 1 (2024). 
  • Started Volume 5 No. 1 May 2022 edition, the journal link website is available with encryption in
  • Start on May 1, 2022, AISM only accept the English manuscripts and charges an article publication fee, which covers publishing and proofreading fees. AISM publish all English manuscripts in Vol. 6, No. 2, October 2023.
  • On May 1,  2022, AISM upload the revised template related with font size of figure and table title. Also, AISM revise the page number layout. situs togel omtogel omtogel dentoto situs toto toto 4d dentoto