Gus Miek dan Perdebatan Dzikr al-Ghāfilīn

Muhammad Makinudin Ali


In the Nusantara tasauf world, sufi’s teachings and practices are not specifically belonging to Ṭarīqas (sufi orders.) Several remembrances (dhikr) and recitations (amalan) owned by certain groups, which cannot be called as a Ṭarīqa circle, are closely practiced in some places called as: majlis dhikr or majlis ta‘līm—which can however be called as tasauf movement. Gus Miek/Gus Mik (K.H. Hamim Djazuli) is one of a creator of dhikr the so-called ‘Dhikr al-Ghāfilīn.’ Unfortunately, in the recent time there are debates that question the originality of tasauf circle headed by Gus Miek. This critique of the originality is pointed on its otenticity: is it only Gus Miek alone who formulated Dhikr al-Ghāfilīn, or are there any some body else? This writing describes history of Dhikr al-Ghāfilīn as believed by three groups of people. First, some believes that dhikr purely resulted by Gus Miek himself without intervention from other people. Second believes that Gus Miek accompanied by other persons like K.H. Ahmad Shiddiq and K.H. Hamid Pasuruan. Third is a neutral group that did not wish to involve in such debates, but believes that Dhikr al-Ghāfilīn is good deed and do not contradict Islamic teachings. These three opinions are argumentations which are so long admitted by the people and are important to divulge. Apart from that, this writing describes the controversial personality of Gus Miek. Besides his strange proselytization (da‘wa), like in prostitution places and alcoholic communities, Gus Miek is a heavy drinker of black-beer.

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