Verivication of Considered Cause (Ta'lil al-Ahkam) in Worships from I'lam al-Muwaqi'in | تعليل الأحكام في العبادات من إعلام الموقعين

Zuhrotul Aini Mansur


Verification of considered cause (ta’līl al-ahkām) together with the objectives of Shariah (maqāsid al-Sharī’ah) is among the most important issues discussed by the experts of Jurisprudence. This article analyses the procedures of establishing causes for a certain law according to Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah, a prominent salafi scholar who has written the subject in his book “I’lām al-muwāqi’īn” long time before Imam al-Syatibi who came up with theory of the objectives of Shariah. In his concept of ta’līl al-ahkām, Al-Jauziyah made a life interaction with texts of Islamic law resources through authentication of the texts, formulation of the causes and comparative studies on different opinions of scholars on ta’līl and tarjīh.


تعليل الأحكام (verification of considered cause), العبادات (worships), إعلام الموقعين (I’lām al-muwāqi’īn), ابن قيم الجوزية (Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah)

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DOI: 10.15408/zr.v12i2.9933


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