Glorious Position of a Mufassir among Moslem Schoolars | علو منزلة المفسر بين سائر العلماء

Ahmad Kusyairi Suhail


Al Mufassir (Interpreter of Quran) has a glorious position among scholars,because they implement the verses that entirely clear (Muhkamat) and believe inverses that not entirely clear (Mutasyabihat). Besides, they took up their stationin saving al-Quran and saving unlimited knowledge of Allah. Those arementioned in the al-Quran and Hadis. There are tree role models of al mufassiras a representative of tree generation: 1. Ibnu Abbas, is a Mufassir from Sahabatgeneration, he was called as al Habir wa al Bahr (an expert and a sea), 2. Mujahid,is a Mufassir from Tabi’in generation, he was called as a “expert of Tafsir”, and3. Ibn Jarir at Thabari, is a Mufassir from era of sciences codification, and wascalled as a “Imam, Mujtahid, al ‘allamah”. The method of the research is thematicmethod, and the writer studied and described about tree profiles of al Mufassir.The writer refers to the classic tafsir books by critical reading method.


Quranic interpreter, entirely clear, nor entirely clear

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DOI: 10.15408/zr.v9i1.3505


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