Writing scientific interpretation between prohibition and leave | كتابة التفسير العلمي بين المنع والإجازة

Ulin Nuha


This research aims to understand the method of scientific interpretation
which was prepared by the Committee of Quranic Correction in the Ministry of
Religious Affairs of Indonesia. The used method is inductive method,
particularly by collecting scientific data from the interpretation of the
interpretation, especially the scientific explanation. The researcher extracted his
method from interpretation and extrapolation over the book.
This research reveals that the definition of scientific interpretation is due to
the definition of general interpretation of the term, and then allocated in the sense
and from which.


ا لت فسير ا لعلمي (Scientific Interpretation) الإجاز ة (permission), ا لمن ع (refusal)

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DOI: 10.15408/zr.v14i2.10655


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