Acquaintance with the novel "Zine El Barakat" by Gamal El Ghitani | التعرف لرواية ”زيني البركات“ لجمال الغيطاني

Herly Ramadani


The purpose of this research is to know what is meant by the sociology of
literature, personality of Gamal al-Ghitani and his novel "Zaini al-Barakat", and
t the social problems in the novel. In this research I used the method of library
research, where I collected the evidence related to this research and then make
an analyses on it. It also relied on the descriptive approach in which I described
the events of the novel from the sociological views. I concluded several
conclusion. First, sociology of literature is the curriculum that aims at the text and
its relation to the place and society in which it intervenes and shows it with a
social character. Second, Gamal Al-Ghitani is a great Egyptian writer of the sixties
generation. His novel "Zaini al-Barakat" is one of the great novels in the Arab and
international literary scene. It revolves around a person called "Zaini al-Barakat"
Mamluks. Thirdly, the social problems described in his account are the crimes
committed by some princes, namely abuse of office, torture of prisoners,
kidnapping and monopolization of goods, violations of social norms and war.


سوسيولجية الأدب (sociology of literature), جمال الغيطاني (Gamal el-Ghitani), المشاكل الإجتماعية (social problerms)

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DOI: 10.15408/zr.v14i2.10654


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