Developmental Qualification of Imams and Duat and Its Impact on Islamic Societies | التأهيل التنموى للأئمة والدعاة وأثره فى المجتمعات الإسلامية

Ahmad Bin Salim


Preparing the preacher and Imam of the mosque with special qualification is supposed to be an important duty. Because promoting to perform worship to Allah and guiding people in the right way is an honourable work. The process of promoting, furthermore, should be in accordance with the path Prophet PBUH paved in. This article demonstrates the reason why preacher and Imam should have good qualifications and competencies and what fields they should be experts on those. In addition, the writer viewed that preacher and Imam have to meet the requirement of a number of knowledge in Islam and skills of leadership as they will live in society and solve their problems.


التأهيل (Qualification), الأئمة (Imams), الدعاة (Duat)

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DOI: 10.15408/zr.v15i1.10115


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