Al-Imsal al-Arabiyah Fununuha wa ilwanuha

Yaniah Wardani


The proverb in Arabic Literature study consisted of five kinds: proverb of wisdom (al-Amsal Hikamiyah), Proverb of history (al-Amsal al-Tarikhiyah), Proverb of the nation (al-Amsal al-Syababiyah), Proverb of mistic (al-Amsal al-Fukahiyah). These proverbs above widely developed in the era of Jahiliyah and the first Islamic period. They also played a very important role in improving the Arabic literature.


al-Amsal Hikamiyah; al-Amsal al-Tarikhiyah; alAmsal al-Syababiyah; al-Amsal al-Fukahiyah

DOI: 10.15408/bat.v11i1.6788


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