Pemikiran Kritis Lucy Irigaray dalam Linguistik

Danti Pudjiati


This article is aimed to introduce a contemporary philosopher women from France named Luce Irigaray.
She becomes well known as critisizing all of the written in public are rare to discuss about women significanlly.
One of her studies Is in linguistics  entilled Je, tu, nous, Pour une Culture
de la difference arguing about sex and gender in language. She examined  the women do not be the subject
in the language Instead of men. Furthermore,  feminine  pronoun is replaced for unimportant things whereas masculine pronoun
Is for Important  thing  based on French  culture.  She thinks language  has a essensial role as a means of communication
In society and determined the position of women.


Postmodern feminism, subjectivity, female and masculine pronoun.


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DOI: 10.15408/bat.v13i1.4244


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