Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Pendidikan Lingkungan ‎dengan Lahan Basah pada MI di Kota Banjarmasin

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Human being and environment are depending on each other. The carrying capacity of the environment requires human being to care for and preserve the environment for the sake of sustainability.. Effort and love for environment have to be taught to children since childhood at school in a form of environmental education. What is meant by environment here is the dominant environment at South Kalimantan; and that is wetland, such as river. There has to be an effort to introduce wetland to students in a form of learning model in order to grow their caring and loving attitudes for the environment. This research is aimed to know how the environmental based learning by introducing wetland at Islamic elementary schools in Banjarmasin have been going recently (teachers’ understanding, design, process, and learning evaluation),and how are the learning model which is based on environmental education on wetland can be developed and implemented at Islamic elementary schools in Banjarmasin.This research is a developmental research with Research and Development (R&D) approach through preliminary research, small scale testing model development, and wide scale testing model validation.


learning model development, environmental education, wetland


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