Anak dan Dunia Pers

Ade Irma Imamah


Children as God's creatures have basic human rights or rights sincebirth, that is guarantee to grow flower completely, whether physical, mental andsocial, and noble character. Therefore it is necessary to safeguard and realize itswelfare by guaranteeing the fulfillment of its rights, so that no human being or anyother party can deprive the child's rights. Trafficking of girls for sexual purposes,hereinafter abbreviated as ESKA (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), is avery detrimental action to the individual victims, the family, the community, and is aform of human rights violation, especially on the dignity of the child and thedevelopment of the next generation. Nevertheless, with the increasinglysophisticated and vast technological developments, children are faced with all theconveniences that impact positive and negative possibilities.


DOI: 10.15408/sjsbs.v3i2.7858

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