Corruption in Higher Education; A Comparative Studies on Whistleblowing System between University of Stanford and Universitas Indonesia

Saomi Rizqiyanto, Muhammad Chaerul Anwar, Rezky Ramadhan Antuli


This study intends to show how a whistleblower system is used in higher education to deter academic dishonesty and fraud. The results showed that both Stanford University and the Universitas Indonesia recognized the importance of witness protection in the whistleblowing system, particularly to ensure the whistleblower’s safety. This was done using a comparative approach between Stanford University in the United States and the Universitas Indonesia. In addition to offering more traditional reporting channels, both colleges also offer application-based reporting media. In terms of reporting channels, Stanford University outperforms the Universitas Indonesia in terms of policies and governance. The findings of this study are expected to assist many universities in Indonesia in developing comparable programs and reporting procedures to rid higher education institutions of corruption.


Whistleblowing System; Higher Education; Fraud



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