Profile of Vitamin D Levels Among Elderly Women with Knee Osteoarthritis in South Tangerang

Wipan Kurniawan, Achmad Zaki, Mery Nitalia, Bisatyo Mardjikoen, Hiro Putra Faisal, Melia Fatrani Rufaidah


Background: The number of older people over 60 in Indonesia has doubled in the last five decades (1971-2020). Knee osteoarthritis is one of the non-communicable diseases arising in the elderly population. One of the risk factors known is low levels of vitamin D. This study aims to describe the profile of vitamin D serum levels, especially in elderly women with knee osteoarthritis in South Tangerang City, in 2020. 

Method: This study used a cross-sectional design from the secondary dataof female patients aged over 60 years who had been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis with a total sample of 110. The sample was selected using consecutive sampling and analyzed using univariate analysis. 

Results: This study found that 80% of the elderly with knee osteoarthritis have low level vitamin D serum, with 63% had insufficient level, and 17% were deficient. 

Conclusion: Most of the elderly women with knee osteoarthritis in South Tangerang in 2020 had a low level of vitamin D serum <50 nmol/L.


Vitamin D, elderly women, Knee osteoarthritis, South Tangerang

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