Deciphering African Financial Development Interaction With Institutional Quality And Economic Growth Nexus

Easmond Baah Nketia, Yusheng Kong


The paper scrutinized the correlation between financial development interaction with institutional quality and economic growth in Africa. The study adopted 30 different interactions. The study used the Augmented mean group estimation technique to estimate the model. Gross domestic savings/GDP and broad money/GDP positively influenced growth with the majority of interactions with institutional quality indicators. Credit to Private Sector/GDP interaction with Voice & Accountability; and Political Stability has a higher impact on growth than any interaction variable. However, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, and corruption control are weak in Africa; even if interacted with financial development indicators, it mostly reduces economic growth. This study recommends that governments in Africa strengthen financial development indicators; Bank Deposit/GDP, Gross Domestic Savings/GDP and Credit to private sector/GDP, and institutional quality indicator political stability & absence of violence since their interaction has proven to aid rapid economic growth.

JEL Classification: E17, F62, F63

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Nketia, E. B., & Kong, Y. (2021). Decipheting African Financial Development Interaction with Institutional Quality and Economic Growth Nexus. Etikonomi: Jurnal Ekonomi, 20(1), 23 – 44.


Financial Development; Institutional Quality; Economic Growth; Interactions

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