The Nexus Between Financial Development, Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation: PMG-ARDL Estimation

Benjamin Korankye, Zuezhou Wen, Michael Appiah, Louisa Antwi


This study aims to find out the connections between financial development, economic growth, and poverty using panel data from 1985 to 2017 in fourteen African countries that many previous researchers ignore. The study deploys a dynamic Granger causality test to trace the nexus between financial development, economic growth, and poverty reduction in Africa in the long run. First, the upshots suggest a gross domestic product, gross capital formation, price of household consumption, and government expenditure substantially impacting poverty. Besides that, the result also shows a bi-directional in the long run using a PMG estimator. The findings broadly support the view that there is a stable, short-run relationship between financial development, economic growth, and poverty in the error correction terms. However, other variables show no causal relationship in the short run. In practicality, this study suggested some policy implications and supported governmental policies to reduce economic hardship on financial institutions.

JEL Classification: G10, O47, I39, C33

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Korankye, B., Wen, X., Appiah, M., & Antwi, L. (2021). The Nexus Between Financial Development, Economic Growth, and Poverty Alleviation: PMG-ARDL Estimation. Etikonomi: Jurnal Ekonomi, 20(1), 1 – 12.


financial development; economic growth; poverty reduction; developing countries

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