Factors that Influenced People to Become Islamic Bank customer: a study on kancana VIllagers

Indah Mulia Sari, Hendro Wibowo, Edy Suprapto


Islamic  finance  and  banking  industry in Indonesia has shown a significant growth, average growth of 30% more per year in the last five years, with a total number of Islamic banks customers as much as 12 million accounts, or market share 4.8%. In this study, researchers attempt  to  describe  the  events  in  rural  districts West  Java  related  to  the  factors that influence people to become customers of Islamic banks. Data processing by tabulation and scoring and based on the analysis and discussion are carried out. The results of this study indicate that the Islamic bank customers’ data are mostly women in productive age with maximum a senior high school education and their profession up mostly  are  traders. Others  reasearch  results  related to  factors which influence people to become customers of Islamic banks were influenced by psychological, social, personal, economic and cultural factors.



Islamic Banking and Finance; Islamic Bank Customers; Consumer Behavior

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DOI: 10.15408/aiq.v7i1.1360


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