Some Notes on Relative Commutators

Masoumeh Ganjali, Ahmad Erfanian


Let G be a group and α ϵ Aut(G).  An α-commutator of elements x, y ϵ G is defined as [x, y]α = x-1y-1xyα. In 2015, Barzegar et al. introduced an α-commutator of elements of G and defined a new generalization of nilpotent groups by using the definition of α-commutators which is called an α-nilpotent group. They also introduced an α-commutator subgroup of G, denoted by Dα(G) which is a subgroup generated by all α-commutators. In 2016, an α-perfect group, a group that is equal to its α-commutator subgroup, was introduced by authors of this paper and the properties of such group was investigated. They proved some results on α-perfect abelian groups and showed that a cyclic group G of even order is not α-perfect for any α ϵ Aut(G). In this paper, we may continue our investigation on α-perfect groups and in addition to studying the relative perfectness of some classes of finite p-groups, we provide an example of a non-abelian α-perfect 2-group.


Auto-commutator subgroup, finite p-group, normal subgroup, perfect group


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DOI: 10.15408/inprime.v2i2.14482


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