Quantum Ericson Engine with Multiple States in One Dimensional Potential Well

Nailul Hasan


A quantum ericson-engine that consists of a single particle with multiple states, has been explored. It is a quantum analogy to the classical ericson-engine consisting of a combination of two isothermal processes and two isobaric processes. By analogizing a particle in a one-dimensional infinite potential well as a gas in a piston-cylinder, quantum thermodynamic processes in a quantum ericson-engine can be explained from the analogies of classical processes such as isothermal, and isobaric.  The results of the research show that the thermal efficiency of the quantum ericson-engine has similarities with the classical ericson-engine. 


ericson engine, quantum ericson-engine, isothermal process, isobaric process

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15408/fiziya.v4i2.22169 Abstract - 0 PDF - 0


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