The Politeness Strategy and Its Scale of Ahok’s Statements as a Governor of Jakarta

M. Agus Suriadi


The research discloses to the politeness scales and strategies of Ahok’s statements as a Governor of Jakarta. To identify both, the data will be analyzed and presented qualitatively by using five (5) strategies by Brown and Levinson, and five (5) measuring scales rating of politeness theorized by Leech. The data that have been presented show that the strategies used by the speaker are mostly negative politeness strategies. The speaker emphasizes the advantages on the Speaker image only without paying attention to the Interlocutors. In the context of existing multi-lingual it shows that the form of the statements is mostly classified into declarative and assertive dominating the statements. On a scale of decency, it demonstrates that the authority scale often becomes the one mostly performed in the statements centering on less positive face. While the people’s opinions on the strategy used by speaker are various. Several of them ignore the strategy and concern to the work result; and many others really concern to strategy used and it is a crucial thing to adapt to the social-cultural context. The negative politeness strategy is mostly used because the speaker emphasizes the advantages on the speaker image only without paying attention to the communicant. Therefore, the impact is polarity in both societies and something which breaks in the cultural politeness strategy commonly used among the persons who are in the duty for the nation. Both work result and social rules are important to be done.

DOI: 10.15408/insaniyat.v2i1.6590


Ahok; Politeness; Strategy; Scale; and Statement

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