Author Guidelines

Writing Guidelines

Insaniyat Journal of Islam and Humanities

It is a scholarly journal published by the Faculty of Adab and Humanities, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a medium for scholarly discussion, description, and surveys concerning Islamic studies, literature, linguistics, culture, religion, art, archaeology, history, philosophy, library and information studies, and interdisciplinary studies. The journal is published twice a year (May and November). 

  1. It has not been published elsewhere.
  2. The paper is research findings, conceptual idea, science development on a certain field, and theory application study.
  3. The Manuscript typed with Microsoft Word, Font Times New Roman size 12, spacing 1 on A4 size paper with a margin of 3.5 cm from the left edge, 3 cm from the right edge, 3 cm from the top and bottom edges. The length of 15-20 manuscript pages including a list of references. Writer (s) must follow the journal template that can be downloaded at Insaniyat Open Journal System
  4. The article should be written in Arabic or English.
  5. Article contains title; writer’s name, author affiliation (department, faculty, university / or institution), complete address of the affiliation and Author’s corresponding email.
  6. Abstract is written for about 250 words. It pervaded research objectives, methodology, discussion and result, and conclusion with maximum 5 keywords that represent the research core. 
  7. The article consists of Introduction (background of study, research problem, research purposes, significance of the research and theoretical basis).Method (explaining the chronological research. Discussion and Result (containing analysis and result of the research), and Conclusion.
  8. Citation and reference must follow APA style (American Psychological Association) sixth edition.
  9. The references should used min 40% from primary source (International Journal).
  10. The references used should be under 10 years (from now). 
  11. Manuscript is submitted online on our open Journal System at Click register,  then follow five steps of a new submission. Please do not hesitate to contact for assistance.
  12. Manuscript without author’s identity (consist of title, abstract, and full article) is submitted to
  13. Article which does not comply with the journal writing guidelines will be returned to the writer(s) for reformatting. Writer(s) may revise and resend the article after the article is upgraded in the accepted format.
  14. The article will be single or double blind peer-reviewed.
  15. Writer (s) whose article either needs to be revised or is rejected will be informed by email.
  16. There is no publication fee.
  17. Online publication is available at
  18. Arabic Romanization should be written as follow:

Letters: ’, b, t, th, j, h, kh, d, dh, r, z, s, sh, s,d, t,z, ‘, gh, f, q, l, m, n, h, w, y. Short vowels: a, i, u. long vowels: ā, ī, ū. Diphthongs: aw, ay. Tā marbūtā: t. Article: al-. For detail information on Arabic Romanization, please refer the transliteration system of the Library of Congress (LC) Guidelines

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