Table of Contents


Urgency Application Of Proof Decisoir Eed Related With Judicial Conditions In The Civil Case Evidence In The Court (Case Study of Decision No. 47 / Pdt.G / 2012 / PN Lsk and Decision No. 16/Pdt.G/2012/PN Stb) PDF
Efa Laela Fakhriah, Yustika Tatar Fauzi Harahap 201-216
Model Setting of Political Party System and Electoral Systems to Prevent Political Corruption PDF
Agus Riwanto, Achmad Achmad 217-234
A Patient’s Legal Protection as a Victim of Sexual Harassment on Medical Services in Indonesia PDF
Siska Elvandari, Mey Lin Chan 235-252
Filling the Position of Constitutional Court Judge and its Corraletion With the Independence of Judges (Comparative Study of Some Countries) PDF
M Beni Kurniawan 253-276
The Institutional Renewal in Settlement of Disputes of Local Election Results PDF
Heru Widodo 277-292
The Rebellion Indication Towards Sovereign Government In Acts of Terrorism in Indonesia In Transcendental Dimension PDF
Irfan Hielmy, Nur Rohim Yunus 293-316
Politik Hukum Dalam Kebijakan Hukum Pidana LGBT PDF
Iqbal Kamalludin, Hirda Rahma, Aldila Arumita Sari, Pujiyono Pujiyono 317-342
Pengaruh Konvensi Hukum Laut Internasional Tahun 1982 Terhadap Wilayah Laut Indonesia PDF
Yoyon Mulyana Darusman 343-360
Pengawasan Pengurus Ikatan Notaris Indonesia Kota Padang Terhadap Pelaku Pelanggaran Kode Etik PDF
Nisaul Hasanah, Azmi Fendri, Neneng Oktarina 361-386