Analisa dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Akademik Berbasis SMS Gateway dalam melihat Nilai Akhir Mata Kuliah “Studi Kasus : Mata Kuliah Algoritma Pemrograman dan Struktur Data”

Sarip Hidayatuloh, Hendra Bayu Suseno


Shorts message service which known SMS is one of the feature that high frequent use in seluler ponsel, especially for college e students. They can use this feature for get information  about SMS application which made relation from handphone to computer server that known with SMS gateway.To give  a better services for college students this application is made, especially give information about their final score that very usefull. College student did’t have to come to their college, they just sent a message then the system will give response. This research using development waterfall system method. About SMS gateway which give information about final score from SMS system.

Keywords: SMS gateway, student, handphone, Waterfall, computer server, and  final score

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