Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Peminjaman Berkas Putusan Pengadilan Pajak Pada Sekretariat Pengadilan Pajak

Yudi Fahrozi, Nur Aeni Hidayah, Nia Kumaladewi


Sekretariat Pengadilan Pajak is an element of administrative services in the Tax Court. One part of Sekretariat Pengadilan Pajak is a Bagian Administrasi Peninjauan Kembali dan Dokumentasi (APKD). One of the activities that exist in Bagian APKD is lending activities File Tax Court decision. In carrying out its lending activities of Berkas Putusan Pengadilan Pajak, system is still manual and data processing is still conventional (paper-based). So the system that runs it has some drawbacks, namely Civil Part APKD difficult to find information about the data file lending decisions. The time it takes responsible lending and borrowing can be up to three days to find the file in the loan decision will be there or not. Data processing is still a conventional (paper-based) are prone to errors and data loss. Preparation of reports of borrowing and the return file no decision can be made quickly. From the description above, the authors are interested in examining the issues related to lending system file Tax Court decision, as well as providing an alternative solution to deal with the existing problems by providing suggestions Loan Information Systems Development Files Tax Court Decision On Tax Court Secretariat. The system was developed using the waterfall system development strategy. In the system analysis and design, the authors use a model-driven approach. At this stage of system analysis, the authors use a rich picture diagrams to illustrate the proposed system and the system is running. While at this stage of system design, the authors use the Unified Modelling Language (UML) as a tool for design. The device is required in designing applications of this system are: use a programming language Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP), Code Igniter PHP framework, NetBeans IDE text editor, Mozilla Firefox browser, as well as in which existing Xampp Apache, MySQL and PHP. With this, Loan Information Systems Files Tax Court Decision is expected to cover the lack of a system in place, the search for information about the data files loan lending decisions and create reports and court files tax returns quickly and easily.

Keywords: Loan, Judgment Files, Bagian APKD, Sekretariat Pengadilan Pajak

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