Pengembangan Kios Informasi Pariwisata Propinsi Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Hamdan Fauzie, Bakri La Katjong, Qurrotul Aini


Tourism Official of Daerah Khusus Ibukota (DKI) Jakarta used multimedia application namely information kiosk in order to increase local revenue from tourism sector. The content of information kiosk was not able to meet the needs of tourism information in Jakarta. There was no navigation system to get the tourist sites, a lack of information, and the official staff's difficulty to manage data. With the application which provide navigation system, display interesting information/complete, and availability of database system are solutions for infobox application development. The infobox built with web-based server used PHP programming language, MySQL database, and Jquery to make display interactive information kiosk. For the map display used OpenLayer complete with a tourist point (image), full navigation and distance measuring feature. Multimedia development method consists of six stages according to Luther's method, i.e. concept, design, collection material, manufacture, test, and distribution. The concept analyzed the needs of tourism information kiosks, field studies and literature studies. While the design stage was making the menu structure, state transition diagrams, interface design and specification process. The result achieved was a software interactive information kiosk; with 1024x786 pixels screen resolution and file size 80 MB. This application displayed information tourist sites and entertainment venues which support tourism sector. Information kiosk was designed based multimedia supported by the text, images, animations, audio and video so that it can provide a more attractive and more easily understood by users.

Keywords: Tourism, Daerah khusus ibukota (DKI), PHP, Multimedia.

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