Sebaran Stok Karbon Berdasarkan Karaktristik Jenis Tanah (Studi Kasus : Area Hutan Halmahera Timur, Kab Maluku Utara)

Eva Khudzaeva


Forests serve as carbon sinks and store it in the form of forest biomass, it is necessary for effective technique and easy to use in suspected carbon stocks on a carpet of vegetation. This study aims to determine the estimated carbon stocks in forest areas of East Halmahera and distribution according to physical characteristics of forest. Estimated carbon stocks derived from the relationship between stem diameter, tree height vegetation density, and biomass are calculated through Algometry model with Landsat TM NDVI values​​, so that the relationship obtained distribution of carbon stocks in forest area east of Halmahera. The results have the highest carbon stock by type of soil found on the ground latosol.

Keywords: Biomass forest, Carbon stock, soil, East Halmahera

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