[Call For]: International Editorial Board, Reviewer & Language Editor (English & Indonesian)

The Journal of Religion Extension (JPA) invites lecturers, researchers, and/or extension practitioners to participate in maximizing the journal publication management process with the following information:
A. International Editorial Board (3-5 people with affiliation outside Indonesia)
B. International Reviewer (3-5 people with affiliation outside Indonesia)
C. English Editor as translator/proofreader (translate/correcting the grammar)
D. Indonesian Editor as translator/proofreader (translate/correcting the grammar)
1. Educational qualifications (Position A&B) must be at least Master's degree and relevant to the focus & scope of the journal.
2. Educational qualifications (Position C&D) at least S2 from English / Indonesian Language Department
3. Have at least a Google scholar/SINTA/Orcid ID, and preferably have a Scopus ID
4. Willing to work voluntarily and responsibly by upholding integrity in journal management
Religion Guidance | Spiritual Guidance | Religion Extension | Social Extension | Community Development Extension | Non-Formal Education | Behavior Change Communication | Community Empowerment/ Development | Community Intervention | Islam and Mental Health | Gender and Development Studies

SK/Letter of Assignment and Certificate from Manager and/or Editor in Chief and/or Study Program, Written Name in print and/or online journal system (OJS), sharing Knowledge and Experience

If you are interested, please fill out this form completely. If you have any questions, please send an email to: jpa.bpi@uinjkt.ac.id
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