TARBIYA: Journal of Education in Muslim Society | Vol. 4 No. 1 June 2017

Table of Contents


Attitudes of Australian Muslims and Australian Wider Community Towards Muslim Institutions PDF
Ibrahima Diallo 1-12
An Investigation of Teacher-Student Relationship in Islamic History of Education PDF
Muhammad Zulqarnain 13-21
Re-Thinking Romanization of Arabic-Islamic Script PDF
Kazeem Adekunle Adegoke, Bashir Abdulraheem 22-31
The Influence of Parents’ Parenting and Emotional Quotient on Students’ Social Skills PDF
Siti Masyithoh 32-44
The Influence of E-Learning Model Web Enhanced Course to Conceptual Understanding and Self Regulated Learning in Mathematics for Elementary School Students PDF
Fatkhul Arifin, Tatang Herman 45-52
The Effect of Creative Teaching Technique to Creative Problem-Solving Ability in Students PDF
Nuraida N 53-62
Students Metacognitive Level on Solving Chemistry Problems PDF
Burhanudin Milama, Ade Ira Nurjanah, Dila Fairusi 63-73
Salafiyah Curriculum at Islamic Boarding School in the Globalization Era PDF
Hasbi Indra 74-88
Indonesian Madrasah in the Era of Globalization PDF
R. Dedy Supriatna, Sita Ratnaningsih 89-103
The Relationship Between Students’ Text Genre Awareness and Critical Thinking Disposition with Their Reading Comprehension PDF PDF
Hayin Azizah, Fahriany F 104-113
Front Metter PDF
Front Matter
Back Metter PDF
Back Matter

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