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Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Penjualan Kredit Koperasi Wira Karyawan

Ali Viantoni, Nur Aeni Hidayah, Joko Adianto


Wira Cooperative Employees are cooperative in the field of sales (credit and cash), savings and loans, health care, pharmacies, and procurement of equipment - office equipment. All activities performed by sales transactions manually, so simple and still have difficulty and complexity in the presentation of sales data. Based on the results of the analysis problem that has made necessary a credit sales information system aimed at processing data - data such as credit sales of customer data, goods, transactions, receipts, returns the goods, invoices, preparing reports and easy to operate, and based on client - server. Because of the existence of a competent information systems in these cooperatives can overcome problems in processing, monitoring and preparing reports cooperative data. In this study uses the methodology of system development methods RAD (Rapid Application Development) with stage Bussiness analysis modeling, data modeling, modeling Prosess, Application generation, and Testing. Software (software) used in  the  manufacture of  this  system  is  Microsoft  Visual  Studio 2005  as frameworknya Visual Basic. NETprogramming language, and SQL Server 2005 as its database.


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