Analisis Perubahan Penutup Lahan Hutan dan Perkebunan di Provinsi Jambi Periode 2000 - 2008

Syahrizal Muttaqin, Qurrotul Aini


Land usage is a concrete manifestation of the influence of human activities on some parts of earth surface. Forest area has a dynamic land usage condition; hence it needs to check the development, because forest usage often is not met the requirements and allocation. This study intends to acquire the certain level of land-cover changes used Landsat +7/ETM year 2000 dan 2008 for identification. The information provided by aspect of land area and type of land usage. Data analysis was performed to determine the land-cover classification with supervise, unsupervised method, and image interpretation, meanwhile the method used in area change is a visual method. Determination of unit mapping conducted by land usage units. Changing in land cover and forest plantations is significant from the period 2000 and 2008 in Jambi Province. Based on visual methods of forest cover decreased from 7839 km2 to 5771 km2 and plantation cover grew from 2262 km2 to 4241 km2. Reduced forest in Jambi caused by changes in forest land into plantations, the frequent occurrence of illegal logging and fires.

Keywords: Perubahan Lahan, Supervised classification, and Unsupervised Classification

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