Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Pembayaran Fee Marketer Berbasis Web pada Wakaf Center Jakarta Selatan

M. Bensekh B., Qurrotul Aini


Wakaf Center is a social institution that specialized in collecting and managing waqaf fund, in form of money (cash wakaf). One part of the cash wakaf management is the payment of fees for marketers through several processes, starting the process of calculating registration fee muwakif by the finance department after a month. Sometimes, they had a data redundancy which may cause a duplicated data. Not only that, but also they had some trouble of inputting a marketer data which may takes a lot of time. The researchers propose a design of information system that effectively and efficiently in a web-based marketer fee payment at the South Jakarta Wakaf Center using the method development SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) waterfall model, from the initiation stage of the system until the system design. The initiation stage include identify the running system, the weakness and propose the new information system. Meanwhile for system design require the flowchart process, data flow diagram, database, normalization, chart structure, input and output, application form and report designs.

Keywords: Information Systems, payments, fees marketer, and wakaf center

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