Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

All articles in this issue (10 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 21 authors from 4 countries (Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, and Nigeria).

Table of Contents


Financial Inclusion and Demand for Money: a Dynamic Panel Data Approach PDF
Zelin Nurfadia Sidik, Noer Azam Achsani, Syamsul Hidayat Pasaribu 137-148
Monetary Policy and Financial Asset Prices: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan PDF
Imran Umer Chhapra, Muhammad Usama Ali, Syeda Fizza Zehra, Falak Naz 149-160
Assessing Volatilities of Monetary Policy and their Effects on the Islamic and Conventional Stock Markets in Indonesia PDF
M Shabri Abd Majid 161-172
Redenomination Policy and Economic Performance: Experimental and Historical Approach PDF
Falikhakh Nur Baeti, Bambang Juanda, Alla Asmara 173-184
The Determinant of Participation in The Social Activities: Case in Indonesia PDF
Bayu Kharisma 185-200
Inequality and Economic Growth in Indonesia in The 2000’s PDF
Damayanti Simangunsong, Chen Kuang-Hui 201-212
Tax Revenue and Economic Growth: A Study of Nigeria and Ghana PDF
Francis Chinedu Egbunike, Ochuko Benedict Emudainohwo, Ardi Gunardi 213-220
The Effects of Minimum Wage Throughout the Wage Distribution in Indonesia PDF
Sri Gusvina Dewi 221-232
Smoking Behavior and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from Indonesian Household PDF
Albertus Girik Allo, Ni Made Sukartini, Endah Saptutyningsih 233-246
The Sensitivity of Residential Electricity Demand in Indonesia PDF
Stranti Nastiti Kusumaningrum 247-266
Front Matter, Vol. 7 (2), 2018 PDF
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Back Matter, Vol. 7(2), 2018 PDF
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Cover, Vol. 7(2), 2018 PDF
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