On Triangular Secure Domination Number

Emily L Casinillo, Leomarich F Casinillo, Jorge S Valenzona, Divina L Valenzona


Let T_m=(V(T_m), E(T_m)) be a triangular grid graph of m ϵ N level. The order of graph T_m is called a triangular number. A subset T of V(T_m) is a dominating set of T_m  if for all u_V(T_m)\T, there exists vϵT such that uv ϵ E(T_m), that is, N[T]=V(T_m).  A dominating set T of V(T_m) is a secure dominating set of T_m if for each u ϵ V(T_m)\T, there exists v ϵ T such that uv ϵ E(T_m) and the set (T\{u})ꓴ{v} is a dominating set of T_m. The minimum cardinality of a secure dominating set of T_m, denoted by γ_s(T_m)  is called a secure domination number of graph T_m. A secure dominating number  γ_s(T_m) of graph T_m is a triangular secure domination number if γ_s(T_m) is a triangular number. In this paper, a combinatorial formula for triangular secure domination number of graph T_m was constructed. Furthermore, the said number was evaluated in relation to perfect numbers.


triangular secure domination number; Mersenne prime; perfect number


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DOI: 10.15408/inprime.v2i2.15996


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