Regency grouping in East Java based on Variable Type of Agriculture uses Hybrid Hierarchical Clustering Via Mutual Cluster Method

Sulthan Fikri Mu'afa, Nurissaidah Ulinnuha


East Java Province is one of the provinces that has the largest agricultural resources in Indonesia. The Government of East Java needs to produce superior commodities in each region. This study aims to group districts in East Java Province based on variable types of agriculture with the hybrid hierarchical clustering via mutual cluster method, that combines the merging of bottom-up clustering advantages and top-down clustering advantages. Mutual cluster is a grouping with the largest distance between small groups of the shortest distance for each point outside the group. In this research, the calculation uses Euclidean distance. The division calculation is obtained by finding the minimum  value and the maximum  value and using the analysis of variance calculation. The grouping results obtained were nine groups with  value of  725.934, value of 1.475.978 and value of 7,908.


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DOI: 10.15408/inprime.v2i1.14167


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