John Rafafy Batlolona


Remedial teaching is a re-learning for students who face learning difficulty. Many teachers forget to do this program aiming at reconstructing the student’s learning achievement. This work aimed to know the effectiveness of remedial teaching program to reach the mastery learning. This study used the design of mixed method explanatory. The data collection was done by using test technique of the quantitative data, while the qualitative data were collected by observation and documentation techniques. The instrument used to collect the quantitative data was test and to collect the qualitative data, the researchers conducted the direct observation and documentation. Based on the research results, the effectiveness of remedial teaching program to achieve the mastery learning for the physics subject was 57.89% so that the remedial teaching program was effective enough to be implemented. Subsequently, the remedial teaching was conducted in the form of special and private treatment. Its method is in accordance with the students’ need or type of difficulty. The method used in this research was direct learning with the peer tutor. Thereby, the remedial teaching program can be recommended to help the students to attain the mastery learning in the physics subject.


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