Table of Contents


Legislative Construction of the Post Amendment In Restoring Indonesian Democracy PDF
Asep Syarifuddin Hidayat
Analysis of the Nature of the Fulfillment of the Obligation in Iran and in France Civil Codes
Zahra Babajani, Saeid Kheradmandy, Mohamad Javad Jafari
Case Study of The Supreme Court Ruling Number: 3002 K/Pdt/2015 On The Validity of Provision of Income Agreement Which Was Made Before Divorce Based On Civil Code
Hazar Kusmayanti, Tri Utami Warapsari, Linda Rachmainy
Malice in Crimes in Iran and The English Criminal Law
Peyman Rostamian, Mohammad Hossein Hajjarian, Hassan Ali Moazzanzadegan
The Role of Law On the Implementation of Green Banking in Indonesia
Ria Safitri, Hartiwiningsih Hartiwiningsih, Hari Purwadi
Legalizing Unofficial (Sirri) Marriage For Indonesian Migrant Workers In Malaysia
Afwan Faizin, Alfitra Alfitra, Ali Mansur
Emancipation and Legal Justice; Portrait of Women's Legal Protection In Indonesia
Mentari Berliana Kemala Dewi, Ridwan Arifin
Role of Secret Agent Institutions in Eradication of Rebels In Indonesia and Philippines
Sekar Hapsari, Saddam Aljihad
The Implementation of Supreme Court Regulation Number 2 of 2012 concerning Limitation Adjustment of Mild Criminal Offenses and Amount of Fines in the Criminal Code Towards Handling of Minor Crime Cases
Abbas Sofwan Matlail Fajar, Mara Sutan Rambe