Vol 5, No 2 (2017)


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Jurnal CITA HUKUM Volume 5//2//Desember 2017

Legal Protection for Victims of Corporate Crimes In The Employment Field at Palembang City
Burhanuddin Burhanuddin
The Principle of Legality in Criminal Act of Terrorism
Hariman Satria
Problematic Issuance of Land Rights Certificate
Moh Ali Wafa
The Ideological Study of Judicials From The Formal Centralistis to The Legal Pluralism (Analysis of the Meaning of Judge on Article 5 paragraph (1) of Law Number 48 Year 2009 on Judicial Power)
Rina Yulianti
Elimination of The Constitutional Court Authority in the Election Dispute Case (Analysis of Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 97/PUU-XI/2013)
Jentel Chairnosia
Disputes over Regional Head Election, Authority, Constitutional Court
Abu Tamrin, Nur Rohim Yunus
Judge Optics on Environmental Dispute Dispute Objects, Expiration And Community Participation Principles In The Issuance Of Environmental Document Processing On The Case Of Kendeng
Wahyu Nugroho, Ida Nurlinda, Bambang Daru Nugroho, Imamul Hadi
Effort of Medan Mayor in Realizing Clean Government (Study About the Practice of Administration in Medan City To Prevent and Acts Criminal Actors of Corruption)
Sabungan Sibarani
Principles of Defense (Rechtmatigheid) In Decision Standing of State Administration
Syofyan Hadi

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