Zhaahirat Tahwiil al-Syafrah fi al-Muhaadatsah

Cahya Buana


In all areas of life, human beings will not be separated from the language in the process of communication with each other. Everthing will go well as it can be arranged with the language associated with social conditions (sociolingusitic) is a very interesting study. This paper will discuss one of the objects of languages study, it's the code switching occurs in some forms of speech of speakers who  speak Arabic and Indonesian. The author specialized in the analysis of the causes of code switching in five forms of conversations, namely a desire of speaker to demonstrate his proficiency of bilingual and trying to make the audience believe his
mastery, the emotional expression, accelerating the delivery of messages, making the limit between jokes and serious conversation, continuity
of using the mother tongue because it is easier, limiting the audience, keep he distance of social status, the awareness that the second language
is also a mother tongue, adopt the foreign sentence, and reinforce the speech.


Code Switching; bilingual; causes of code switching; conversations

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