Permenpan 9/2014 dan dinamika peran perpustakaan perguruan tinggi di era digital

Faizuddin Harliansyah


This paper discusses the elements, sub-elements and some activity items covered in the Permen-pan 9/2014, accompanied by Regulation of the Head of National Library of Indonesia Number 11 of 2015 on technical guidance on librarian functional and its credit. This reading aims to identify the opportunities and challenges of the implementation of such a rule focusing on the academic li-braries. This study is focused on several items that are considered new and important to extending roles of college libraries in this digital era. The two items discussed are information literacy and pathfinder. Information literacy and scholarly communication are discussed in specific sub-chap-ters to show the breadth of information literacy within the context of today’s university libraries, the digital age.


permen 9/2014; regulation of the head of national library of indonesia; information literacy; pathfinder

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