Minat baca siswa madrasah berstatus ekonomi menengah keatas dan ekonomi lemah

Ida Farida


This article is based on the result findings of a research on the student reading interest conducted in Madrasah lbtidaiyah (primary school level) Pembangunan Ciputat and Madrasah lbtidaiyah Sirajul Falah Parung - Bogor. Both Madrasahs were chosen because there is a significant different of social economic background. The research focused on students primary school level in both madrasahs with the assumption that madrasah lbtidaiyah Pembangunan represent students who have background of middle and above social economic and Madrasah Sirojul Falah represent students who have low social economic background. The research described some student reading interests in Madrasah lbtidaiyah Pembangunan and Madrasah lbtidaiyah Sirajul Falah in term of family role, teacher and librarian role, and student community environment role in influencing their reading interests. The method of research used both library and field researches. The instruments used to collect the required data taken from field research with conducting observation, distributing questionnaires and interviewing the respondents. Some result findings of this research are that the most interesting hobby of students from both madrasahs is not reading, there is significant different in term of interesting books that most students from Ml Pembangunan preferred the adventure story rather than other kinds of story and most students Sirojul Falah preferred the kind of religious story rather than others. Unfortunately, this research found that the role of teacher and librarian in improving reading interest is very low in both Ml Pembangunan and Sirojul Falah.

Key Words: Reading interest, hobby, middle social economic background, and low social economic background.

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