Demokrasi Ersatz: Menggugat Peran Pemuda dalam Mengawal Proses Demokratisasi di Indonesia

mahathir muhammad iqbal


We already are in an open democratic stage within 17 years . However , we are also required to continue to make serious resolutions and improvements related to the character of the ideology of democracy . In many ways , we still fail to open up possibilities and alternatives in managing circulation prospective leadership and in accordance with the requirements of democracy . Fundamental changes to equip democracy needs to be done for the sake of the birth of the benefit shared values ​​. In this context, youth should play a role . youth should proofread and guarding the democratic process in order not to handcuffed by pragmatic political interests . Moreover, if we depart from the conviction , that the youth are the leaders of future generations.




democracy; resolution; leadership circulation

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